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Whether inspiration comes from nostalgia, nature, emotion or travel, it takes a truly special kind of talent to design for Jersey Pearl. Alongside our in-house team who have created award-winning collections, we work with bright new talents and established jewellery designers to create pieces to treasure. Our designer collaborations bring new and exciting collections, while supporting our country’s creative jewellery talent. We were delighted when, in recognition of these efforts, our industry voted us ‘UK Jewellery Brand of the Year’.

Local Designers


Lauren is a well-known illustrator and designer, whose work has featured in some of Britain's leading publications. Although best known for her prints, greeting cards and homewares, Lauren's wonderful and characterful images translate into beautiful jewellery. Lauren's design ethic is inspired by a passion for storytelling through playful, colourful imagery. She also loves to make people smile through illustrations that connect with a shared sense of humour, and her jewellery designs reflect this warm sentiment.

Lauren Radley

British Designers

Kimberley Selwood


Kimberley is an award-winning jewellery designer based in Buckinghamshire, England. From initial sketches to the finished piece, Kimberley's collections are instantly recognisable. Her sentimental, delicate designs hold cherished meaning for all who wear them. She likes her jewellery to reflect life's deeper emotions, and often uses symbolism to create an item that will be loved forever. A firm believer in the quality of handmade jewellery, Kimberley's pieces are never mass produced and always reflect the outstanding care and thought she puts into their design.


Emma-Kate is a designer renowned for her intricate work with silver and pearls. Based in her studio in Cardiff, Wales, she uses traditional techniques of wax carving and hand forging to create pieces defined by delicacy and utter attention to detail. Having designed for the V&A Museum among others, in 2014 she was appointed creative ambassador to the Welsh government. Emma-Kate's collections are timeless treasures, made to be adored.

Emma-Kate Francis
Drew Perridge


Drew is an established jewellery designer who likes to focus on modern, contemporary collections. Known for his spiralling necklaces, Drew brings pieces to life with highly skilled goldsmithing techniques. His influences include structural relationships, which can be seen in the sophisticated way his pieces are expressed. For Jersey Pearl, Drew created the Twenties collection, which celebrates the era where pearls were brought to the people.


Counting celebrity Fairtrade campaigner Livia Firth among her clients, Anna is a well-known jewellery designer who cares deeply about the ethics of her jewellery and the provenance of materials and gemstones. She was one of the UK's first Fairtrade gold license holders and has won numerous awards and industry accolades. Her designs explore the ritual and tradition associated with jewellery, incorporating sentiment and symbolism in their beautifully conceived designs. Often inspired by travel and mysticism, her emblematic pieces are very sought-after.

Anna Loucah

In House Designers

Julia Williams


Julia Williams is product director and senior designer at Jersey Pearl. Her collections celebrate special moments and aim to showcase the astonishing natural beauty of pearls. Her designs feature exquisite attention to detail, informed by a technical background in mechanical engineering. Julia's advanced understanding of mechanics has shaped many of Jersey Pearl's inventions, such as the rubberised grip inside our earring butterflies, and the magnetic clasp that makes wearing our pieces so easy. Invention and reinvention are key themes, as Julia loves nothing more than creating timeless favourites.


Many influences are found in Alex's designs – notably fashion, nature and fine art – a subject in which she trained. Alex is known for integrating symbolism into her design aesthetic, so that each piece holds a deeper meaning – one that the wearer can interpret to reflect their own personality. Her passion for – and extensive knowledge of – antique jewellery also informs her work, and she often incorporates historical references reimagined for today.

Alex Broad
Ellie Benton


Ellie is a fine artist and designer. Her work is influenced by the many different cultures she encounters throughout travels in India and the Far East. At their heart, Ellie's designs are joyful and celebratory – inspiring all who see them. Widely exhibited in both the UK and Australia, Ellie's art celebrates spontaneity. She loves to take monochromatic images and bring them to life with explosions of colour.