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Delightful Walks

Jersey is a haven for walkers, ramblers and hikers. Its hills and valleys, beaches, nature reserves and historic villages make exploring this island a real adventure. There’s always something to discover while being astounded by the beauty of what’s around you: sweeping cliffs, sub-tropical rare plants, flowery meadows full of cows – Jersey is a real feast for the eyes. Here’s our pick of the most wonderful walks on our unique island.

St Catherine’s Woods

Complete with a bubbling stream, steppingstones and even ropes to swing from, St Catherine’s Woods is a great experience for anyone looking for a leisurely stroll. There’s a good degree of coverage under the tree canopy so if it’s raining, you won’t get thoroughly soaked – although wellies are recommended. Popular with dog walkers and local anglers trying their luck in the stream.

Insider Opinion:

A lovely, calm atmosphere recommended for shade lovers.

Rozel Pub from Rozel Valley

If you want a ramble through a beautiful, natural environment with its own microclimate, Rozel valley is for you. The area has rare plants including tropical species, thanks to the nutrient-rich soil and sheltered position, which makes interesting viewing as you walk through. At the Rozel Bay end of the valley, is the Rozel Pub where you can find a hearty meal complete with ocean views. A lovely Jersey walk.

Insider Opinion:

A great walk especially if you’re interested in different plant types.

Les Landes to Greve de Lecq

Les Landes in the north-west of Jersey is wild, coastal heathland of the kind that’s absolutely ideal for walking. It’s a designated Site of Special Interest because of its unique archaeological and geological features, and the wealth of its wildlife: enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled for the western green lizard, bank vole and European rabbit, among others. Walk towards Greve de Lecq on Jersey’s north coast – a wonderfully sandy beach complete with an Iron Age castle mound and 18th century guardhouse. This is an exciting and varied walk for those travelling alone or with children and dogs – and there are three cafés to choose from once you’ve arrived at Greve de Lecq, from where you can sit back and relish the ocean views.

Insider Opinion:

This is a really special walk we recommend especially if you’re interested in history.

Reservoir Walks

A walk round Val de la Mare reservoir feels more like a visit to a natural lake than anything man-made, and as such it’s a wonderfully relaxing experience. It benefits from views of the Atlantic, giving it a feeling of openness and spaciousness. Beside the water are 4.5km of woods, and the area is stacked with plants, trees and wildlife, providing animal-lovers and nature-lovers alike with plenty to enjoy. Benches placed in the most scenic spots let you take in the panorama – and it’s a lovely idea to make the most of them with a flask of tea and some sandwiches. Located in St Peter, you can get to the reservoir easily by bus or car.

Queen’s Valley reservoir in the east of Jersey has two, interconnecting bodies of water – around which is just over 3km of easy walking paths. Hiking here is nice and easy, with birds, trees and flowers in season to appreciate, while amateur anglers can often be seen, hoping to land a trout or two. The calmness of this place makes for excellent dog walking. Leave your car in the car park, which is just off La Rue d’Aval.

Insider Opinion:

Both these walks feel like a visit to a quiet and tranquil place; really recommended for long conversations with a walking companion and the ideal place for a spot of picnic lunch.