About Jersey Pearl

At the end of the Five Mile Road in Jersey’s coastal parish of St. Ouen you will find the Jersey Pearl showroom. This is where, for thirty years, our family’s vocation has been to create and curate wonderful pearl jewellery.

Our relationships with pearl farmers all over the world allow us to offer the finest quality pearls, find new pearls as soon as they arrive and understand the important role that the environment plays in pearl farming.

The conclusion we’ve reached is that pearls are about people and so we stick to this adage when working with our retailers. If there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know, we’d love to hear from you.


John Taylor
John Taylor

MD and co-founder of Jersey Pearl


Pearl Quality

Our love of pearls has led us to create the Crown standard, bestowed upon the finest Freshwater pearls that we have handpicked from each season’s harvest.


When Pearl grading, lustre is the term given to the gauge of shininess. We hold firm to the view that pearls must have good lustre to make beautiful jewellery.

Surface Quality

As an organic product of nature, every pearl has blemishes. These range from deep, discoloured cracks to tiny pits barely visible to the eye. Surface Quality is the term used to judge the extent of these marks.