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Drop in with your heirlooms to upcycle, and pearls to restring. At Jersey Pearl St Ouen, we have decades of experience with stringing pearls. We love to create from scratch or mend and make better, all kinds of pearl jewellery.

Why not drop in and chat to us about what you’d like?


The Jersey Pearl Workshop

We have decades of experience stringing pearls, using tried and tested techniques our workshop is on hand to work with you in creating bespoke pieces and to repair, adjust or reimagine your pearls. We love to create from scratch or mend and make better, so give us a call to chat through upcycling heirlooms or restringing old favourites. 


Having a bespoke piece made to your individual requirements is a thoroughly rewarding experience which results in the most personal jewellery that you will treasure forever.

Our workshop designers are on hand to help with sourcing, designing and creating you perfect pearl jewellery and can cater to pretty much any budget. So please do drop us a line to learn more about our complimentary consultation process.

One of the most wonderful things about precious metals and pearl strings is that they’re completely flexible. Pendants can be melted down and transformed into rings or pearl necklaces can be split into bracelets and earrings. This lets you keep wearing your jewellery when fashions change or you want to take more enjoyment from a cherished family heirloom.

Also, If your pearl bracelets, rings or necklaces aren’t quite the right size, whether they’re from Jersey Pearl or not, we can help adjust them, so they fit like a glove.


Should you find something in our stores or on our website which doesn’t currently exist in the metal, gemstone or pearl colour you like, we would be happy to source them for you. Amberley would look fabulous in white gold and diamonds with a peacock pearl for example, or Blossom in rose gold would be unique and eye catching. The choice is yours!

Come in to discuss, call us on 01534 862 137 or contact us online here.


Jersey Pearl strings are individually knotted using two strands of silk thread. The advantage of silk is that the knots relax as they warm when worn, giving a nice supple string, and then re-tighten naturally when they’re put away. We always use French string when joining clasps to our strings, a fine silver or gold coil that wraps around the silk to protect it from wear and tear.

Pearl strings can last for generations, but only if they’re looked after properly. Restringing is an essential part of the maintenance of your strung necklaces and bracelets because the knots between each pearl will eventually stretch, become discoloured and weaken.  The time in between each restring depends on the size of the pearls and how often they’re worn. We would anticipate that a regularly worn, midsize pearl necklace should be restrung about once every two years.

The good news is that restringing pearls is relatively affordable and quick to carry out, so please give us a call for a quote.  We’re even happy to restring Jersey Pearl pieces for free, if they need it within two years of purchase.  All you need is your receipt and to cover postage costs, terms and conditions apply.

Additional repair services

Replace lost pearls – The bond between a pearl and its setting may eventually give way; if it does our workshop is on hand to help and should you lose a pearl we will endeavour to source a matching replacement.

Replace lost earrings – Should you lose one of your Jersey Pearl earrings, we replace it with a pair at 50% off the price subject to availability and proof of purchase.

Fixing clasps – We store a range of clasps in our workshop to replace them if they break, or you fancy a change.

Pearl cleaning – We can help give your pearls cleaned can give them a new lease of life by having them professionally cleaned in our workshop.


For additional information, queries and quotes call us on 01534 862 137 or contact us online here

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