When washing your hands and using hand sanitisers we recommend you take your rings and bracelets off.

Pearls are soft, living gems and regular contact with soap, water and hand sanitiser (alcohol-based and alcohol-free) will irreversibly damage the nacre and lustre of the pearl.

Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires should retain their integrity and brilliance despite the use of hand sanitisers, but the metal on your rings and bracelets may not. Repeated exposure to cleaning agents or hand sanitisers can make the finish on white gold and sterling silver wear faster. Other metals, such as platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold, are less vulnerable to damage than white gold but rhodium or gold plated metal will naturally fade to reveal the sterling silver underneath – the repeated use of soap and hand sanitiser will accelerate this process.

Other gemstones may be softer stones and cannot withstand the same cleaning process as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

Rule of thumb, remove all rings and bracelets when washing or sanitising your hands, wait until the cool feeling has finished, your skin is dry and then put on the jewellery

Our guarantee does not cover damage caused by hand sanitiser.

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