Come and discover the fascinating stories behind the Queen’s beloved pearls 

The Duke, our Queen (as we say in Jersey) has maintained a lifelong love affair with pearls and is rarely seen without them. To celebrate 70 years of HRH Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, we’ve created an exhibition of seven replica pearl necklaces that she’s worn over the decades and everyone is invited to try them on. Pearls gifted to her by her father and grand father, Hanoverian pearls which once belonged to Mary Queen of Scots, or Queen Anne and Queen Caroline.

The vast and invaluable collection of royal pearls is filled with sentimental and historical riches and so selecting seven key pieces to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee turned into a fascinating hunt for captivating stories which we are delighted to share with our visitors.

The replicas of her exquisite collection of pearls will be on display from May 16th to Sunday June 5th at Jersey Pearl St Ouen.

Hip hip, hooray!

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