We’ve gone bananas for gorillas!

Jersey Pearl is very proud to be partnering with Go Wild Gorillas, to celebrate the 60ieth anniversary of Gerald Durrell’s Jersey Zoo. This summer, artists, schools, businesses and community groups will be joining together to create 40, specially hand-painted life-size gorilla sculptures. These will be placed across the island in various natural locations, so that people can connect with nature as they enjoy seeing the gorillas.

This inspirational project will help raise funds for Jersey Zoo, which hopes to build a new state-of-the-art gorilla house on Jersey – to help protect this endangered species. Between now and May, all over Jersey, artists, schools and community groups are painting their gorilla sculptures in completely individual ways. On the 25th July, the Gorillas Launch Event will take place, where the different designs will be seen for the first time! We’ll keep you posted and share pictures when we have them. From the 27th July, anyone visiting Jersey can enjoy spotting the gorillas all over the island.

Funds will be raised in the autumn, at the Grand Gorilla Auction – and you’ll be able to walk away with a unique, artist-decorated gorilla all your own!

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