We’ve gone bananas for Go Wild Gorillas!

We’re super-excited about our partnership with Durrell and the massive fundraiser, Go Wild Gorillas.

Go Wild Gorillas is a public art trail that will help fund Durrell’s new Gorilla house here on the island, while celebrating their 60th anniversary. As part of the plan this summer, 40 brightly coloured life-size gorilla sculptures will be placed across the island and will lead people on a trail of discovery, showcasing the importance of conservation and creativity. Each gorilla is hand-painted by a local artist, making a real visual treat for Jersey locals and visitors to the island alike. Keep your eyes peeled for ours, which will be making a spectacular appearance somewhere on the trail; the location won’t be revealed until the Go Wild Gorillas trail goes live on the 27th July. It will last the rest of the summer, until the 14th October 2019 – so there’s lots of time to get outdoors and reconnect with nature. In fact, Durrell’s aim is to connect one million people to nature by 2025 – helping them understand the importance of our natural world and our relationship to it.

Here at Jersey Pearl, we couldn’t agree more with this outlook. Pearls can only grow when nature around them is healthy; clean water free from toxins and pollutants is essential to the healthy formation of nature’s organic gems. Consequently, a commitment to protecting the environment is at our heart, which is why we love this project. We’re hoping that by bringing artists, businesses, schools and communities together, Go Wild Gorillas will generate momentum and support to achieve Durrell’s aim to create a wilder, healthier and more colourful world for future generations.

After the summer, the final event will be the Grand Gorilla Auction, being held on the 6th November, to raise funds for Durrell. And we very much hope this will be a massive success

To keep up to date with all the news, please follow @GoWildGorillas on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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