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Guided Talks

Take some time to get geeky – and discover the secret life of pearl growing oysters. It’s not an obvious choice for an outing, to be sure. But like so many things in life, the road less travelled is often the one with most to offer. Our short, guided talks are a lovely way to see our natural world in a whole new way. Did you know, for instance, that the beauty of a pearl reflects the cleanness of the water it grows in? The health of our environment is essential to producing pearls. We think that once you’ve been on one of our talks, you’ll never see pearls the same way again.

A pearl of a visit
Wendy & Mary, Hereford

Pearls of Wisdom

A visit to Jersey Pearl is the perfect opportunity to learn about the exotic and exciting world of pearls.
Discover how and where pearls are grown, pearl farming techniques, all about the different pearl types! We have stories from far-flung corners of the earth, and a passion for our subject. As you learn, tour the venue with us, and happily while away part of your Jersey day.