Art Exhibition and live painting with Jane de la Haye

Saturday 29th to Monday 31st May

10am to 4pm

Come and discover Jane’s work and watch her paint St. Ouen’s bay from Jersey Pearl.



Jane is a local artist inspired by the beauty and history of her beloved Jersey island. Fascinated by its unique landscape, its layers of history, era after era, all standing side by side, she produces hand drawn paintings of iconic and beautiful Jersey scenes and landmarks, expressive abstract and conceptual pieces as well as landscapes from further afield. She uses inks, watercolours and acrylics.

Jersey scenes and Landscapes

Starting from a photograph she takes of the scene, she will then draw as true to life as possible before adding that splash of colour, using high quality inks for a “reality with a twist”.

Head and Heart paintings

These are from her imagination, thoughts, feelings and heart. Expressing her inner dialogue on paper is a therapeutic process which often ends up meaning something completely different. “It’s a little voyage of discovery each and every time!”


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